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I look up and Cutie is looking at me and smilaughing…I start laughing; “why are you laughing?” I ask. She laughs and replies, “’cause you are lost in your thoughts”…It’s amusing, “so you laugh at the lost now, huh?” trying to make a sly comment but all in playful spirits. I was lost in thoughts, true, but not thoughts per say. I was lost in art. I have notjustok in my browser and I was listening to Jesse Jagz Wetin Dey , at the same time I was on Aisha Augie-Kuta’s shutterchance page on my berry trying to scope out her archive. Right at that moment – the moment where Cutie caught me lost in thoughts – I was free and happy, in other words, I wasn’t at work. I mean my body was but my mind wasn’t. I don’t want to mislead though ‘cause one can be trapped and frustrated at home too. Work is amazing, as miserable as I might make it sound; it has become my routine and one that I don’t hate. I like it; I love my friends here; all of them – I’m especially loving the one who showed me how to get the 8900 for $49.95 (jor jor).  I suppose I was just in a place that felt right even if I was doing something as ordinary as browsing the net and listening to music. That little action led to a series of things; typing this entry is one of them. Anyhow, it’s Thursday (woowoo!) and emm tomorrow is Friday which means that the weekend has started in my head and my schedule is booked – in my head. These days I find myself asking people, ‘where the parry @?’ as if I am on a mission to attend all the parties in NYC. I even found an NYC event calendar with a bunch of free roof top bar events in Williamsburg. Haven’t been to any of them yet…first of, it is in Brooklyn – even if it’s Williamsburg – so my oyinbo friends wouldn’t go and my naija friends don’t fancy bar hopping around for happy hours (such slackers).

Let’s get on to the business of ads, shall we?

Anyone looking to room in an awesome apartment in Harlem?  On 5th Ave, 6 blocks from Central Park and Mt. Morris Park. Great neighborhood close to the 2, 3 and 6 train and the M1 bus…proximity resturants, bars and salons…oh and there is a NY sports club downstairs…really nice place. Rent is very very very reasonable. Let me know if you or anyone you know is interested.

Anyone looking for a job as a Project Analyst (no, Allen & Fifth is not hiring) in a Legit IT firm? Pay is good, though it’s a contract term job that last 12 months (hopefully the economy is in better shape by the time the contract expires). Let me know if you are interested and I will link you up with the head hunter.

Anyone looking to buy awesome tees this summer? (hehehe) you know what to do http://www.allenandfifth.com email your orders to info@allenandfifth.com or BBM me your order. My BBM is 20F5184B. J

Did you know that: Credit card companies like MasterCard and Visa do not provide the credit…They only provide the technology that allows for seamless transaction. Contrary to popular belief MasterCard and Visa don’t bear the major brunt of the credit market. Be informed.

Peace & Love,


Ps: the conclusion to the designer whore story is coming soon. Its kindda like an American movie-ish story in that you wait for ages before you get the sequel…kinnda like the Men In Black triquel, which is in production according to the streets.


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    naija stand up!

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