a kentucky minute

Hey! It’s been a minute hasn’t it? I apologize though, for leaving you hanging. I didn’t forget you. How can I? I guess I was just trying to justify giving you attention when other very important things were lacking in attention; just as much as I have been trying to justify many things of late, praying to God that I make the right decisions.  

As usual I am grateful for you all and the support that you have shown me. If I could, I would hug you…If I didn’t think that was tacky, I really would. But I do, so let’s leave things at “thanks” but know that it’s from the bottom of my heart. In recent years, I have grown into a lady from a young lady. I still have my battles and my fears. Funny thing is I doubt that I will ever be free of battles and fears and I wonder if I want to be free of these things. Anyhow, all is all I have happy and grateful for each day I get to hustle and relax, to work and chill because it is one more day that someone somewhere doesn’t have the opportunity to hustle and relax, to work and to chill.  

As far as the happenings in my life…there is really not much going on. Or at least, not much that I want to share at the moment. It’s pretty mediocre with a little spice to shake things up when things get a little boring. I have to say though, that I have never experienced a dull moment in years. As much as I say that I’m dry and blah, I have come to discover that this is just a lie. Not intentional though. It’s just that as I start to recount things that I do on a daily/weekly/monthly/yearly basis, I am quite proud of myself. 

Just as time assures, winter is fast approaching and it gets dark out at about 6pm. Such a downer I tell ya. These days, there is not much of a difference between 6pm and 11pm. No one is out in the cold, the streets are deserted and all you hear are dogs barking and cars zooming…and probably the bells from Law and Order (dum dum). I’m not sure what will become of a busy body like me. My legs will be restless or I will resort to walking in the cold like I have done in the past. I guess we shall see. 

Meanwhile, I will continue to take lunch to work until I save enough to buy a ticket to Boston so I can raid my cousin’s wardrobe….SWEET!


2 Responses to a kentucky minute

  1. Ese says:

    longest time no post madam… lol.. gives me time to catch up sha

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