guess who’s back?


I cant believe its almost a year since I posted an entry (tsk tsk). I was at my cousin’s wedding over the weekend and I was asked by edede “fans” why I have been in hiatus. I said that I was taking a break to handle some things. Truth is, there was no defined break really. This just happened to simmer down and out…weird huh? This is the same way things slip out of our hands without us realizing. And when we do realize, it is too late. The list of such lost opportunities goes on…love, success, happiness, joy, friendship, food, health…

Anyhow, a lot has happened since we last encountered. I am back in school now. I would give a “whoop whoop” if it were exciting and not kicking my ass. It is kicking my ass so bad and I think its going to keep kicking my ass so I decided to get myself some ass pads that will last 2 years of ass kicking. Besides that everything is well. I moved from the East coast to the West coast, I got my own place and I’m pretty much getting accustomed to my new life. It seems like there is no turning back now.

My quest to business school is much deeper that the increased paycheck though. You see, I am on a mission to change society. I try to refrain from making such comments as I dont want to jinx anything but the more I read about Nike (a case I just finished reading), Starbucks, Apple and a long list of successful companies; the more I think of their humble beginings, the more convicted I am to keep my dream alive. Of course it needs to be backed up with action and resources but I’ll go ahead and let things fall into place….join me in my journey.

For those who care to know (you should care to know btw) Allen & Fifth is a separate entity so I have a separate blog for her ( I’ll try to keep things this way as I am not one to mix business with pleasure 😉 haha. I’ll keep you updated on that front via that blog (see link above)  for simplicity’s sake.

Alrighty, it feels good to be bad. I have to go now though because I have stats homework to plough through.




One Response to guess who’s back?

  1. Ese says:

    i know the back in school feeling ja re.. but I am loving it as I complain. Good luck!

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