guess who’s back?

September 15, 2010


I cant believe its almost a year since I posted an entry (tsk tsk). I was at my cousin’s wedding over the weekend and I was asked by edede “fans” why I have been in hiatus. I said that I was taking a break to handle some things. Truth is, there was no defined break really. This just happened to simmer down and out…weird huh? This is the same way things slip out of our hands without us realizing. And when we do realize, it is too late. The list of such lost opportunities goes on…love, success, happiness, joy, friendship, food, health…

Anyhow, a lot has happened since we last encountered. I am back in school now. I would give a “whoop whoop” if it were exciting and not kicking my ass. It is kicking my ass so bad and I think its going to keep kicking my ass so I decided to get myself some ass pads that will last 2 years of ass kicking. Besides that everything is well. I moved from the East coast to the West coast, I got my own place and I’m pretty much getting accustomed to my new life. It seems like there is no turning back now.

My quest to business school is much deeper that the increased paycheck though. You see, I am on a mission to change society. I try to refrain from making such comments as I dont want to jinx anything but the more I read about Nike (a case I just finished reading), Starbucks, Apple and a long list of successful companies; the more I think of their humble beginings, the more convicted I am to keep my dream alive. Of course it needs to be backed up with action and resources but I’ll go ahead and let things fall into place….join me in my journey.

For those who care to know (you should care to know btw) Allen & Fifth is a separate entity so I have a separate blog for her ( I’ll try to keep things this way as I am not one to mix business with pleasure 😉 haha. I’ll keep you updated on that front via that blog (see link above)  for simplicity’s sake.

Alrighty, it feels good to be bad. I have to go now though because I have stats homework to plough through.




a kentucky minute

October 20, 2009

Hey! It’s been a minute hasn’t it? I apologize though, for leaving you hanging. I didn’t forget you. How can I? I guess I was just trying to justify giving you attention when other very important things were lacking in attention; just as much as I have been trying to justify many things of late, praying to God that I make the right decisions.  

As usual I am grateful for you all and the support that you have shown me. If I could, I would hug you…If I didn’t think that was tacky, I really would. But I do, so let’s leave things at “thanks” but know that it’s from the bottom of my heart. In recent years, I have grown into a lady from a young lady. I still have my battles and my fears. Funny thing is I doubt that I will ever be free of battles and fears and I wonder if I want to be free of these things. Anyhow, all is all I have happy and grateful for each day I get to hustle and relax, to work and chill because it is one more day that someone somewhere doesn’t have the opportunity to hustle and relax, to work and to chill.  

As far as the happenings in my life…there is really not much going on. Or at least, not much that I want to share at the moment. It’s pretty mediocre with a little spice to shake things up when things get a little boring. I have to say though, that I have never experienced a dull moment in years. As much as I say that I’m dry and blah, I have come to discover that this is just a lie. Not intentional though. It’s just that as I start to recount things that I do on a daily/weekly/monthly/yearly basis, I am quite proud of myself. 

Just as time assures, winter is fast approaching and it gets dark out at about 6pm. Such a downer I tell ya. These days, there is not much of a difference between 6pm and 11pm. No one is out in the cold, the streets are deserted and all you hear are dogs barking and cars zooming…and probably the bells from Law and Order (dum dum). I’m not sure what will become of a busy body like me. My legs will be restless or I will resort to walking in the cold like I have done in the past. I guess we shall see. 

Meanwhile, I will continue to take lunch to work until I save enough to buy a ticket to Boston so I can raid my cousin’s wardrobe….SWEET!

still a state of mind address

September 7, 2009


August ended patchy and September started off great and then I crashed. This month has been puzzling despite the front I put up on my statuses. It’s hardly a front still because I feel one way one time and another way the next. My fickle state of mind should be in an exhibition. It would be themed, The Fickle State, perhaps The Fragile State. I look calm but when I roar, I roar loud; pretty scary to those who know me for years, even worse to those just trying to figure me out. Who am I anyway? I’m still the same person trying to find self. I know what I’m susceptible to, after that is a blank stare. The puzzles should fall in as I move along this space that forms a path as I walk through…whatever mehn.

Welcome to September. Hope yours didn’t start off as shitty as mine. I got yelled out on the phone earlier this week. I didn’t yell back; that would be a waste of my time. I had done enough yelling this week plus she has senior authority and she is doing the job of a freaking analyst. It sucks to be her so I couldn’t blame her for blaming me at the time. In retrospect there are a couple of things I could have told her…like calm your self down, or shut the hell up, or how is that my f’n problem? Then I would have gotten called by HR…then I might have lost my job; which isn’t such a bad thing sometimes. That’s not the story though. That’s actually stale gist. My motto at work is, “it’s really not that serious”. I’m still working on applying that in other aspects of my life; I’m still working on convincing myself that other things are really not that serious. I say it but I don’t live it. Still trying to tell myself that life is too short so there’s no use perching that dress…just wear it already.

I was in houstatlantavegas a couple of days ago. Such a jaded lifestyle, I don’t envy the stars. I’m glad that I can admire them from afar. It’s so lonely up there, though they look all close from a distance. I’m speaking in all levels of context. Pick whichever you want. Think however you want. The stars are so lonely. I wonder if it’s really cold in the stratosphere – what sphere are they on anyhow? I sat at the dinner table. Sparkling water, oven baked bread that no one touched and a Cameroonian “prince” who was just freed from prison. He knows Venus Williams. He could have gotten me to the US open to watch Venus play. I stare at this guy…this guyyyy! Why were you in prison to begin with? I can’t ask; there is an unspoken don’t ask, don’t tell code. To ask would mean that I am interested. I am disinterested but I still oblige him and I wonder how soon I’ll get home and how soon I’ll forget.

 There are a couple of people whom I want to make cry; like this lumpy pounded yam stuffed into human skin. Once I was told that I have a bad mouth and many times I have used it as a weapon. It’s my only defense. Take my voice and I’m dead. I have to speak. I’m not a talkative though…I observe, keenly for that matter. I’m still learning how to refrain from talking back; still learning to pick my battles; still learning to be still. In the meantime, I’m still Edede; work with me.


Signing out



August 20, 2009

I rushed home to do two things; burst a pimple and post a blog entry. One would think I had some urgent matter to attend to. I did, actually, but it got postponed. When I got home, I bursted the pimple – it wasn’t ripe so now I have a scar on my face. I didn’t get the post an entry though. Hopefully I will today. 

On my way to work yesterday, I got an alert that Aisha Augie-Kuta left a comment on my blog 🙂 which was a pleasant surprise. Isn’t it funny how things come in full circle when you don’t realize. Have you noticed that it is at times when we don’t search frantically that we find? Its like there is a divine plan already set in motion and everything else just falls in place for whatever reason. I had mentioned Aisha in one of my entries just randomly not thinking that she would stumble upon my blog. C’est la vie! Aisha, if you are reading this, I love your pictures and I hope that someday I will have the pleasure of working with you.

Its been ages since I last posted an entry. A lot has happened since our last encounter. Allen & Fifth got featured on 2 awesome sites: Bella Naija ( and Nigerian Mafia  ( Allen & Fifth had its long awaited Launch Party. Big thank you to everyone that came out and showed support and my very good friend Ronke for putting everything together (xoxo). Allen & Fifth has also been getting t-shirt orders from Naija! How cool is that?! And finally, wait for it…wait for it…I QUIT THE GYM.  A lot more is scheduled to happen and though it is all exciting, I have days when my nerves get the best of me. I am human after all and there are days when things go a little too fast in motion that I get a bit startled – kindda like motion sickness. I’m still working on that though. At the same time I love these little imperfections of mine because they remind me of my vulnerability. 

till next time!


hey hey

June 12, 2009

I look up and Cutie is looking at me and smilaughing…I start laughing; “why are you laughing?” I ask. She laughs and replies, “’cause you are lost in your thoughts”…It’s amusing, “so you laugh at the lost now, huh?” trying to make a sly comment but all in playful spirits. I was lost in thoughts, true, but not thoughts per say. I was lost in art. I have notjustok in my browser and I was listening to Jesse Jagz Wetin Dey , at the same time I was on Aisha Augie-Kuta’s shutterchance page on my berry trying to scope out her archive. Right at that moment – the moment where Cutie caught me lost in thoughts – I was free and happy, in other words, I wasn’t at work. I mean my body was but my mind wasn’t. I don’t want to mislead though ‘cause one can be trapped and frustrated at home too. Work is amazing, as miserable as I might make it sound; it has become my routine and one that I don’t hate. I like it; I love my friends here; all of them – I’m especially loving the one who showed me how to get the 8900 for $49.95 (jor jor).  I suppose I was just in a place that felt right even if I was doing something as ordinary as browsing the net and listening to music. That little action led to a series of things; typing this entry is one of them. Anyhow, it’s Thursday (woowoo!) and emm tomorrow is Friday which means that the weekend has started in my head and my schedule is booked – in my head. These days I find myself asking people, ‘where the parry @?’ as if I am on a mission to attend all the parties in NYC. I even found an NYC event calendar with a bunch of free roof top bar events in Williamsburg. Haven’t been to any of them yet…first of, it is in Brooklyn – even if it’s Williamsburg – so my oyinbo friends wouldn’t go and my naija friends don’t fancy bar hopping around for happy hours (such slackers).

Let’s get on to the business of ads, shall we?

Anyone looking to room in an awesome apartment in Harlem?  On 5th Ave, 6 blocks from Central Park and Mt. Morris Park. Great neighborhood close to the 2, 3 and 6 train and the M1 bus…proximity resturants, bars and salons…oh and there is a NY sports club downstairs…really nice place. Rent is very very very reasonable. Let me know if you or anyone you know is interested.

Anyone looking for a job as a Project Analyst (no, Allen & Fifth is not hiring) in a Legit IT firm? Pay is good, though it’s a contract term job that last 12 months (hopefully the economy is in better shape by the time the contract expires). Let me know if you are interested and I will link you up with the head hunter.

Anyone looking to buy awesome tees this summer? (hehehe) you know what to do email your orders to or BBM me your order. My BBM is 20F5184B. J

Did you know that: Credit card companies like MasterCard and Visa do not provide the credit…They only provide the technology that allows for seamless transaction. Contrary to popular belief MasterCard and Visa don’t bear the major brunt of the credit market. Be informed.

Peace & Love,


Ps: the conclusion to the designer whore story is coming soon. Its kindda like an American movie-ish story in that you wait for ages before you get the sequel…kinnda like the Men In Black triquel, which is in production according to the streets.

This is not part II…

June 5, 2009

…So don’t get too excited. It’s been quite busy – everybody likes to claim busy these days so I figure why not. Okay maybe busy isn’t the word. More like hectic as I am involved in quite a number of things. First there is work and then there is life after work which includes loved ones and business. It might not seem like a lot but it morphs into a handful sometimes. Anyhow pardon my hiatus o…if I could I would write everyday but it’s nice to be missed so I won’t.

Those who know me know that I am sort of an information freak. Especially low brow information; really irrelevant stuff like celebrity children’s names and broken celebrity marriages (I know I shouldn’t pry but…) I’m also into sites and blogs (that grant me access to people’s lives and closets) – most times to look at pictures ‘cause I have this predisposed notion that most of the content is ditsy (c’mon lets not kid ourselves. We know they can be quite ditsy – at least the ones I actually follow and yes I follow them) Anyhow, it got to a point where I was actually dulling myself. It was too much (too much low brow info dulls the brain) and I needed something intellectual (besides Obama),  I needed something to arouse my intellectual curiosity.

On the verge of becoming a dullard I reached out to the “oracle”, Sir Real, the frugal master. Some of you might recall that I go to him when I am in a dilemma. “What should I do?!”, I cried out to his Awesome Crimness (happy anniversary BTW – you rock!). He advised that I got a subscription with one of these magazines…business week to be specific. In his words, “It’s so you, It’s a fast and easy read and really good”. Being quite impulsive I filled out the subscription that day. This is my second week of receiving Business Week in the mail and might I say that it is AMAZING. All of a sudden I am equipped to carry on a conversation that goes beyond Timaya just because I’m getting higher education from a business magazine (did you get the double entendre? hehe). One of the cool things I read this week was on how major investment banks are anticipating the trade of carbon credits in the financial market. Let me give you a small lowdown; the Obama administration is looking to address the environmental crisis in the U.S by capping the amount of carbon emissions by manufacturing companies; while companies that build environmental friendly technologies or contribute to the environment will receive carbon credits. What banking institutions are looking to do is trade these credits in the financial market – I’m guessing it would fall under commodities or something along those lines.  It’s wild…I recommend you read it if you are interested ‘cause I think most banks are looking for ways to cash-in in a very new unregulated market in the United States…hit me up me if you want to rub minds. Check Business Week out if you can. I recommend getting the hard copy. It’s a good read, honestly.

On Allen & Fifth; I don’t think I can thank people enough for the support that they’ve shown me. A big thanks to my brother (I have plenty but this is the coolest of them all – literarily) who actually went to BEBENOIR. It meant a lot bro. Thanks to my chick friends (my razzoidly tush friends that are the down the earth-est realest people who always have my back). Thanks to my sister (my twin who was just born yeaaaaaaaars before me – love you mama). Special thanks to Colo Sturvs (you put the doo in scobby doo). Thanks to my cousins and in-laws (all y’all). Thanks to my boyz and pallies (mulberry, the taylors, sir real, chhoyster, scrap, surgy, simpson, leshman etc.). Thanks to everyone who has ever gotten an A&5th tee, who has ever worn one, helped out and said good things about A&5th (or bad stuff sef…all jhoin). Thank you all so so so much! As you may know Allen & Fifth is now sold at BEBENOIR, Harlem, New York – shout out to Ibrahim and Fatima – visit the store; it’s a great store, true talk.

Emmm, what else? I’m getting all frigging emotional mehn and the best part is Allen & Fifth is just getting started and Edede aint going no where (thanks to cyber space). I encourage people to think of business ideas for our beloved country. Yes, it is possible to contribute to your society and make money from it. We can’t keep waiting for the Government. If you are into establishing a fashion house (cos una plenty these days) then look into having not-quite-sweat-shops in Nigeria. Kudos to all those thinking outside the box and helping to create jobs in motherland.  I’m all for capitalism and capitalizing on the untapped talent out there. This is the time to take a business risks and go for it (all my risk takers STAND UP!)

Until next time; hasta pronto mi gente.

peace & love,


Allen & Fifth –

Bebenoir –

The Designer Whore

May 22, 2009


Disclaimer – This is a true story that may have been tweaked a little OR might be completely true OR not BUT don’t get too excited ’cause it’s not about you OR someone you know…I bet you think it’d about you…dontchu, dontchu, dontchu…BUT it’s not Or is it? …enjoy:)

It was not a fateful day; just a day that I would come to remember. I had just turned 18 a couple of months back. The stench of freedom still lingered on me and would for a while. 18; finally I can walk up to the bodega counter and ask for some new ports. No more having Larry buy my sticks. I was grown and I was in a country that acknowledged this. It was August, hot and humid. Kids were out on the street splashing water from the fire hydrant and made a mess of the side walk. There is something about summer that irks me on one hand and pleases me on the other. Harlem is a long way from home. Home is calmer, at least my neck of the woods. I walked past Harlem Hospital northbound towards 140th when I saw him; the designer whore. He was decked in Gucci, Armani, Lacoste and more, a complete mishmash, but I was drawn. He walked up to me and I knew then that it was the beginning of an interesting relationship.

We started kicking it from time to time. When I met him his girlfriend had kicked him out and little wonder why. He just wasn’t. He wasn’t good looking; we never had much to talk about, he couldn’t hold a job for long, he complained about everything BUT he could make a mean ogbono soup and I could work with that. It was a striving relationship because it strived on nothing in particular. He had big dreams about money, cars and designer clothes.  We kicked and pushed for a while…till we became cool enough to coast and pick up where we left off.  And so we left off – I needed to go home and he need to do whatever it was that he did to live his dream.  

The whore – a name I choose to call him for all intensive purposes – called me one day. He needed a favor. He had to get out of town for a “project” and he needed me to help pick his laptop from the repair shop. He would do it himself but the store would be closed by the time he gets back into the city. Cool…what are friends for? …*silence*… “we are friends right?”.…a dry laugh hung on the other end of the line while the inflection in my question trickled off as I took down the information to the shop. Later on I went to the shop with the information that I jotted down… “I’m here to pick up a laptop for …” I sat and I waited.  “Miss, can you come with us please?” two officers beckoned – they had walked in a couple of minutes before. I walked towards them. The female officer started “Miss,  who are you here to pick up a laptop for?”  —  Turns out that the laptop was stolen and I was used as bait to pick it up. Akoba wo le leyi naa? There is no point cursing the day I met him, the issue at hand is how I can get out of this mess. I’m 18 and old enough to be trialed as an adult…though clueless as to what I will be trialed for and if I will be charged. Freedom wasn’t appealing anymore.

Officer: “We need you to corporate with us”.

Me : “Yes officers I’m ready to help out with whatever you want?”



To God be the glory

Watch out for part 2